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Indeed first of all we are interested in architecture. Art of architecture designed by architects and built with the efforts of builders. Each of us lives in architectural environment. We live in such an artificial environment that we can bult, but we continually strive to improve it. Our architectural dreams are based on knowledge of past heritage, current knowledge and future searches. In this way of search is very important to know and assess architectural and construction history of our ancestors, preservation and care of historical and architectural monuments, understanding and application of daily problem –requirements, use of conscious own and others' experience, production of qualified specialists, long-term projects and their monitoring. What we build today will be an integral part of the living environment of our generation, what we retain today will become our future pride, self-affirmation in Earth and having unique cultural heritage, retaining and creative people's passport, face and description…

The key to the architectural wisdom in knowledge repository. Such a modest repository is Armenian National Institute-Museum of Architecture. Institution, which is collected, processed and kept  thousands archival materials related to architectural history, theory, practice. They are published,  exhibited, included in the system of education and science, are presented to the general public. Each of us has the power to enrich the museum's archive- repository. Thereby contributing to the conservation of armenian architectural heritage and especially architectural and construction forecast for future to  patriot cause. In order to strengthen the Armenian thinking and the creation of appropriate architectural environment…

Best regards and sincerely

Founder and Director of Armenian

National Institute-Museum of Architecture

Doctor-Professor of Architecture     Ashot Haykazun Grigoryan