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Torost Toramanyan. The anniversary year

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of famous architect, expert of architecture, researcher and honest thinker Thoros Thoramanyan. National Museum-Institute of Architecture announces the 2014 th year of Toramanian and all activities  dedicates to his memory. ...Read More

(Armenian) Ճարտարապետ Արմեն Զարյան

Sorry, this entry is only available in Armenian. ...Read More

Looking for a Spec Writer?

By Vrej-Armen Artinian, CSC, CSI It is becoming more and more difficult to find a specifier. Whether freelance or working in-house for a firm, many of the spec writers who are still around are often overloaded, sometimes exhausted, and not getting any younger. Worse, it seems like fewer and fewer emerging professionals ...Read More

Spec Matters: A Specifier Looks Back

By Vrej-Armen Artinian, CSC, CSI Specification writing is an enriching experience, and I have been enjoying that experience at one of the major architectural firms in Montréal—NFOE et associés architectes, which celebrated its centennial last year. I have worked there as a specifier for more than 20 years, and am glad I ...Read More

(Armenian) Ճարտարապետ Ռոմեո Ջուլհակյան

Sorry, this entry is only available in Armenian. ...Read More